At the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, they were national heroes. That mood has changed: healthcareworkers are subject to scrutiny and sometimes even agression and violence. Patients have regained their assertiveness and are not hesitant to exercise their rights to the fullest.

Humans live longer, remain active longer and are a heavier burden of the care system. We get upset about waiting lists, we demand quality and personal attention. Good healthcare is taken for granted while medical faults, unethical behaviour, workstress and low wages make the headlines. No wonder people are not lining. up for a job in this sector. How do you, as a healthcare organisation, win back respect? How do you make instantly clear that your role in society is essential? It is all a matter of the right message with the right tone. A matter that Bourne has mastered very well. Give us a call – we can make it (a lot) better.

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