About Bourne

Bourne is Anniek van den Brand, Barbara Brian, Léon Stolk and Eli Vlessing. We are four distinct personalities, sharing an overall philosophy: there is something in each and every organisation that makes it unique. By searching, discussing, listening, questioning and analyzing we capture this uniqueness in stories. Stories in words, stories in symbols, stories in sounds, stories in images – stories that express and illustrate the unique character of every company and organisation we work for. But more importantly: our stories are a portal to every form of communication you can think of. We give you the means to express and showcase your organisation to your clients and other audiences. With exactly the right tone of voice, the right message and the right look and feel.

Tomorrow’s world
We love to work for organisations that aspire to operate consciously and promote positive change. Organisations that fully understand that being in business is much more than making a profit. We believe that only responsible organisations are ready for the future.

You need to know who you are, what you stand for and what you dream of, in order to communicate convincingly. Clear, honest, authentic and powerful. Only then people can choose to engage and trust you. So first of all we need to find the essence, the core, of the organisation. And we will! In a short series of active, challenging meetings we will find the connection between profit and passion. Between the economic and the social value of your company.

A thing of beauty
After these meetings, we will know what the essence of your organisation is and what you stand for. We then turn this into a (or more) thing of beauty. Creative, meaningful, spot-on communicative solutions. For the people inside your organisation to give them that “Yesss” feeling againg. And for the people outside your doors. To keep the dialogue alive and connect with them continuously.

None of us have a degree in communication. We do have a mathematician, a journalist, an artist and an expert in international relations. We possess more than the average amount of knowledge of computer science, economy, litterature and conscious business. Add to that a shared eagerness to stay updated on world events and social and cultural changes, a lot of common sense, ample experience in the field of communication and you have a pretty good idea of what Bourne is.

We do cooperate, of course. With copywriters, photographers, printers, videomakers, digital agencies, designers and architects. In any constellation. Bourne remains the director and the sole and final responsible party. Because we do commit to deliver as agreed and expected. Quite often beyond that.

What can you expect from us?
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