Nursing. More than caring.

The way patients experience the healthcare they receive, is closely linke to the nurse who provide the care. Does she show compassion, reliability? Does he dare to get personal in difficult situations? Can she do and say exactly the right things at the right moment? Does he know when to shut up? Being a nurse is not ‘just a job’. It’s a job that touches people and peoples lives. It can get pretty physical and you need to be able to handle pressure, stress and suffering.

A nurse is one of the most demanding, but also one of the most rewarding of occupations. Say those who know. Of course they care about people, but they also need the knowledge, skills and quality that goes with it.

That is why research and education go hand in hand in the HvA HBO Nursing programme. The teachers are passionate and not just teachers: they are also active in the field. They can mix their own experiences into the curriculum. They train students to be nurses that can hold their ground; independent professionals who are able and equipped to work and converse with medical staff. More importantly: they are able to converse with patients, explaining to them what awaits them and what choices need to be made. Even if those choices are the most difficult choices a person may have to make.

Bourne helped the the organisation of the HvA HBO Nursing programme to better define their position and tell their story clearly and compellingly to students and professionals in the sector.