Bridea Medical’s Orchid Spec: better speculum, better practice, better world

A gynecological examination is no fun. Not at all. It is both physically and mentally quite demanding. The sound and cold steel feeling of the speculum and the entire situation of the procedure are unpleasant, painful at times and very awkward for the patient. All this leads to women postponing crucial examinations to the point where they ‘forget’ about it all together. A choice that comes with serious health hazards.

Bridea Medical has taken a seriously different perspective on the problematic tool: the speculum. After careful research and with insights from a deep knowledge of materials and the fine art of industrial design, Bridea Medical came up with the Orchid Spec. The Orchid Spec is friendlier, for both patient and doctor. Many of the disadvantages of traditional specula have been overcome and the entire method of producing the Orchid Spec has been made sustainable. This includes the harvesting of raw materials, packaging, transport and recycling: the Orchid Spec has zero emission. A increasing number of hospitals and doctors’ offices in the Netherlands are switching to Orchid Spec and the same is happening in Germany. As of 2022 , Bridea Medical is distributing the Orchid Spec in the USA.

Together with partner Maarten de Coninck, Bourne has developed a brand- and naming strategy and has worked on the positioning of both the Orchid Spec (the product) and Bridea Medical (the company). The result was then translated to a visual identity and several applications, such as website and webshop. The same assets are used in Germany and the USA.