About Bourne Korea

For many years Bourne has been working with Jei Chagh, director of Ascender Branding in Seoul, Korea.

Together with Ascender Branding, Bourne brings a unique proposition to the Korean and Asian market: we have a local, accessible partner that speaks the language and understands the culture. Yet Bourne offers our Northern European expertise in the fields of strategy, branding and design. We are the overseas agency with an office right around the corner. We are a local agency with global, creative, refreshing, inspiring and out-of-the-box solutions.

With Ascender Branding we are a network. Not a typical network with a long list of ‘offices around the world’ – we do not believe in quantity. We believe in commitment, understanding and real, proven value for our customers. Contact us if you are looking for quality.

Samples of our collaborative work can be found at the works page of the Ascender website.