Kramp: the importance of a strong employer brand

Bourne joined forces with HR-specialist ‘Wervingsvisie’ to come up with a strategy for the recruitment of Kramp, a large European technical wholesaler. It was a very fruitful cooperation: Bourne for strategy, Wervingsvisie for recruitment.

Kramp is the biggest supplier of agricultural technology in Europe. With a turnover of more than 1,000 million euros and a workforce of over 3,000 people, finding good, suitable candidates for their job openings is of the essence.

We hosted a group meeting that all Kramp’s manager from across Europe attended. In the meeting we collected feedback on a number of questions. With the results, we defined the a strong and attractive employer’s story, wrote a compelling brand story and provided a platform for the employer brand of Kramp.

Next step was to implement these (strategic) results in Kramp’s communication. We composed a plan for different audiences, using different messages and different channels. We included a concrete plan for the structure and composition of Kramp’s international recruitment website.