COUP: Every building deserves a new chapter

Behind every building there is a grand idea. A strong desire, a dream that had to be made concrete. Literally. Resulting in remarkable structures that shape our cities, villages and landscape. Over time, those dreams and ideas start to disappear. The buildings lose their functions and become obstacles for further expansion. Until COUP comes in. COUP can see right through the opinions and judgements. COUP sees possibilities, options, new life and energy. And knows how to translate that to a feasible, productive plan!

What are the best construction materials? Imagination and intuition. The bricks will follow. COUP puts the imagination up front. With great respect for history, background and context COUP explores and exploits the possibilities for structures that are completely written off by others. Because COUP is optimistic, strongwilled and a bit quirky. But also sustainable and energy savvy. With COUP, old buildings are revived. Because every building deservers a new chapter.

Bourne is COUP’s partner in strategy, positioning, communication, design and storytelling.