Conscious Business Nederland. Business as Unusual

Motivated people, an inspired atmosphere, polyphony and diversity in all departments of the company, a truly connected sypplychain, involved shareholders resulting in a stronger brand. Those are just a few of the effects of implementing the Conscious Business Nederland (CBN) Business Model. CBN is a joint venture of commercial consultants and scientific institutions such as the Rotterdam Erasmus University. CBN helps companies to make a truly meaningful transition that prepares them for the future. A transition away from the focus on financial gains. For companies that sense the transition and sincerely want to change the notion of ‘business as usual’.

Being an organisation that supports and stimulates change, Bourne was approached by CBN to define their position, write their story and set up a communication strategy. In return, we become the preferred partner for all organisations adopting the CBN Business Model. A great deal, a conscious deal. Indeed, business as unusual.