SCIO Groep: talent is given, an opportunity needs to be seized

Every child is talented but not every child gets the same start in life. The income or the education of the parents, for example, can make a huge difference. SCIO Group is a collection of 11 primary schools and around 50 daycare centers in an area north of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Reducing the inequality in opportunities for all children, is one of the primary goals of the SCIO Group.

Schools and daycare centers in the SCIO Group are working on the formation of Integral Child Centers. In the ICC’s, staff members pay extra attention to the inequality issue. To quote one staff member: ‘We offer every possibility for children to flourish, in a way that fits their unique personality.’

ICC’s require flexibility and some pioneers’ spirit, since traditional boundaries between daycare and school, are crossed. At the same time they seek cooperation with local organisations in sports, culture and care facilities. A great but inspiring challenge, according to the people of the SCIO Group. The aim is to create locations where the children, their parents and siblings feel at home, where employees love to work and are able to further develop themselves.

Ambitious, but the energy of the SCIO people is sincere and catching. The way schools and daycare center are now able to connect and cooperate, is a good example. Bourne has been the strategic consultant in the transition: we developed a joint vision, an inspiring mission, a strategy and we defined the values that position the SCIO Group. Furthermore, we worked on brand structure and visual identity for all locations.