DOB Ecology: building healthy ecosystems

Flora and fauna slowly becoming extinct, crashing ecosystems, populations losing their livelihood and safe environment. Because the changing climate is drying up their land – or flooding it. They suffer from failed harvests – and the subsequent famine. The earth is facing some gigantic challenges.

Online magazine GO! is a quarterly, dedicated to urgent themes affecting ecosystems in Africa en Latin America

However, it is not all bad news. Across the globe, people, communities and organisations work on positive change. Wholeheartedly, courageously and by being active on the actual locations. The philanthropic fund DOB Ecology strongly believes that healthy ecosystems are essential for life, well being and sustainable development. DOB Ecology invests in longrunning projects in Africa and Latin America. From global NGOs to local grass-root organisations: DOB Ecology works exclusively with parties that not only have sufficient knowledge and experience, but who are also deeply committed to the region and the people in it.

Besides financial aid, DOB Ecology offers an extensive knowledge network. Through the concentration of knowledge and expertise, partners can effectively learn from one another. Innovations are being tested and best practices are being shared.

Bourne and Maarten de Coninck have analyzed the position of DOB Ecology and phrased it in a compact manifesto text. In order to efficiently share and distribute knowledge and experiences among the partners, we create digital maganzine GO! Using all the options a digital magazine offers (audio, video, imagery and text), GO! has been received enthusiastically by the DOB Ecology community.