SKS: for manufacturers and for the planet

Towards the end of this millennium, we will be with 11 billion human beings on this planet. The effects of having to provide food and medicine for each and everyone of them, can already be felt today. The criteria for quality and the demands for quantitative output for the food and pharma industries, are very high and will only go higher. Production must become faster, smarter and cleaner. At the same time, production must be sustainable, use a minimum of resources, water and energy. Waste and greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to zero, within a few years.

SKS Process Components has a strong position in the niche market of process components for food and pharma companies. SKS called themselves ‘a wholesaler with a warehouse’, indicating that their main topic of communication was their products and their logistic agility. Bourne organised a strategic repositioning project that included all stakeholders of SKS, at some point. The Board, the buyers, the sellers, the warehouse crew. But also the supplying companies and the clients were involved in this process. The outcome: SKS is so much more than a “wholesare with a warehouse’. Much, much more.

We gave SKS a new vision, that serves as their dot on the horizon: ‘enabling food and pharma for future generations’. And we made the company aware of the huge amount of knowledge and experience they had. SKS is not (just) a wholesaler: it is an expert, an advisor in all matters concerning the safe, clean and sustainable production of food and pharma. Efficient, state-of-the-art solutions, innovations, new components and constantly improving production facilities: SKS can assist in making complex decisions. And deliver them the next day! We also gave the new SKS an brandnew visual identity and translated that to their new e-commerce platform.